Numerical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) simulation can improve the understanding and development of new MRI techniques. In this work, a new simulation package named ’MRiLab’ has been developed for performing fast three-dimensional (3D) parallel MRI simulation on regular desktop computer. This simulation package is aimed to provide a fast, comprehensive and effective numerical MRI simulation solution with minimum computing hardware requirement.

This manual is aimed to provide a comprehensive introduction to demonstrate the work-flow of simulation, built-in dedicated toolboxes and libraries capable of customizing various aspects of MR simulation experiment. You should become familiar and comfortable with those design functions in MRiLab after reading this User Guide.

It’s my pleasure to know that MRiLab can help you in your MR research. Please don’t hesitate to leave me feedback about any aspect of MRiLab and/or about this User Guide. All the effects for improving MRiLab will hopefully help MR researchers including myself for better understanding and improving future MR techniques.